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The Fire and I

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I first met Gordon and Hooligan at The Big Stooshie in 2012. I saw their set on the Saturday evening and knew I had to work with them. They have a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard, their raw energy pulsates throughout every song, I had never seen anything quite like it.

I sat down with the guys backstage and spoke to them over a beer about their music and plans for the future. They said they wanted to capture the energy of their live performance in the next album they were planning.

After speaking to Gordon 6 months later, when II called him to inquire if they were available to play at a show I was putting on, he said they were looking for somewhere to record the instrumentation for their second album. Fortunately, I had access to the studios at the then Adam Smith College.

I booked the studio for the following week and the magic happened………….

In the Studio


The boys put down all the instrumentation for 14 songs in one 12 hour session, everything clicked, an amazing experience to be a part of. 

The Studio 2


Gordon then took the recordings back to Bathgate, where he chose what takes to use and overdubbed the vocals. I had the boys at my own place in Cupar, with my friend and colleague Jack on a few occasions, for more recording and all weekend mixing sessions……. Well until the beer arrived!




I’ve worked with the guys on live shows and recordings since the album was wrapped and we’re now all good friends. The album is a work of art, it’s the closest you can come to experiencing them live without going to a show.

Check them out on You Tube, like them on Facebook, or best of all go see them live and buy their records…………

It’ll change your life!!!




M A Small

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 Director, Producer ... Facilitator of dreams.

Engineer, producer and designer of sounds. With an ever growing client list from all over Scotland and a wealth of knowledge from the team around me, my aim is to put the artist first in all my projects.


Whatever your pro audio needs, live sound and recordings, audio for multi-media or ADR and sound design for TV and film, M A Small Productions is your one stop shop!

So give me a call, text or email and let’s make some magic!

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